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Zanna Zemtsuznikova


English language teacher

MSc MechEng

20+ y of English teaching

04+ y of teaching professionals

03 generations of pupils 1-12


Zanna has an experience of teaching English in private English programme for more than 20 years. Programme that was based on 11 year course for children provides extensive study of English. At the time of graduation students reach the level of English sufficient to pass a C1 level examination. 


Besides this programme Zanna has been providing inhouse trainings for various companies for the last 8 years. During the trainings participants have been educated sufficiently to be able to perform their professional duties in the English language. 


In 2000 Zanna passed additional training course in pedagogy at Tartu University Narva Colledge in scope of 160 academical hours; certificate nr. 02481.

In 2010 she passed special training programme focused on English language teaching.

In 2011 Zanna succesefully passed tests in all 3 modules within Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) and was awarded Certificates by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations confirming the highest level of her professional teacher skills; certificates nr. 0031043722, 0031043740, 0031043760.


During study Zanna creates friendly and motivating atmosphere, which helps participants of the course to achieve good results.


2000/09 – 2001/06    Additional pedagogical vocational education
                     Tartu University Narva Colledge


1976/09 – 1983/06    Dipl. Engineer in Mechanical Engineering

                     Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University

                     MSc Mech.Eng. ISCED 5A

ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHER                                     Effective Enterprise OÜ 

2016/06 – …                                                  www.effective.ee

Developing English programme and courses within it; conducting English languge classes 

ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHER                                     Molycorp Silmet AS 

2012/09 – 2016/05        Sillamäe                            www.molycorp.com

General English courses for adult professionals, engineering and managerial positions
2015/2016 1 group, 150 hours
2014/2015 2 groups, 300 hours
2013/2014 2 groups, 300 hours
2012/2013 2 groups, 300 hours

ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHER                                     Sillamäe Astangu Kool (kool nr.4)
2011/09 – 2012/06                
General English course for graduating pupils (11th and 12th year). 


ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHER                                     Sillamäe Vanalinna Kool               
2000/09 – 2016/06                                            www.svlk.edu.ee
English for Life programme teacher 12th (graduating) and 5th class pupils

ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHER                                     Sillamäe Vanalinna Kool
1994/09 – 1999/06                                            www.svlk.edu.ee
English for Life programme teacher.


MECHANICAL DESIGN ENGINEER                                   SHMPO
1983/09 – 1994/05                        
Development of manufacturing production lines and equipment


English               (Fluent - Full Knowledge)
Estonian              (Basic communication)
Russian               (Native Speaker)