English teaching

  • Introduction
  • Organization
  • Courses
  • Entrance requirements
  • Study environment
  • Study materials
  • Course completion
  • Teache'r competence

Courses target adults who's duties at work include ability to perform in English - communicate and use information in English. Courses maximize opportunities for students to speak and systematically ask them to notice and employ strategies that will give them confidence to communicate. While the main focus is on speaking and listening, we provide systematic approach to reading and writing. Language strutures and grammar teaching support the need for communicationg in language environment. 

Organizational aspects

Courses are held during an academic year from September to May, which involves 140 academic hours of class room study.

We form small groups of 6-8 students in order to provide each student opportunity to be fully engaged into educational process.

Terms of participation and study fee is the subject of agreement with the customer.


Our English courses are harmonized into a learning programme. From commonly used levels within the programm we currently provide courses highlighted in bold:

  1. beginners 



  4. intermediate

  5. upper-intermediate

  6. advanced

    • students reach the level of English sufficient to pass a C1 level examination.

  7. proficiency

For specific course curriculum please see relateed course page.

We focus on students with Russian as native language.

Prior course entry student's language level is validated with tests and discussions with the teacher.

Entrance requirements
Study environment

Training classes are held in rooms equipped with audio and video, a large screen projector, whiteboard, students' desks. For corporate clients courses can be held on client's premises, given that classes are properly equipped.

We use English courses books by respected publishers - Cambridge, Pearson and Macmillan. 

For corporate clients specific materials can be used upon agreement.

Study materials

There are two types of succeseful course completion - with or without final test: 

1 To pass the course students must fulfill minimum requirements:

  • attendance of classes at least 75%

  • proper attitude towards studying

  • home work is submitted in full

Achieving above grants a student a note of course completion (not a certificate).

2 Requirements for course completion with certificate:

  • fulfilled minimum requirements

  • positive mark for a final test

Certificate confirms that in addition to active participation a student ​has achieved learning objectives and can communiate in English language on elementary level.

Course completion
Teacher's competence

Quality of teaching is guaranteed by teacher's required competences: 

  • Master's degree

  • at least 5 years of professional teaching within last 5 years

  • professional certifications confirming teaching abilities

  • certifications of english language skills sufficient to teach others